Friday, December 11, 2009

The Value of Insurance

By, Meredith Anderson

Many people have the opinion that insurance is a waste of money. Everyone thinks that it won't happen to them and insurance is just a way for the companies to make a little extra cash. However the importance of any insurance is really something to know about. The way most insurance plans work is that you pay a premium which is a small amount and in the case of an accident of any sort the insurance will cover a much larger cost in return. Its a life line that could save you a couple hundred dollars if you crash your car to a couple hundred thousand if save your house burns down.
What kind of insurance should you get and how much of it really depends on a number of factors. It measures your risk of the incident happening and how much it will cost. First you must decide how much coverage you think you are going to need. After that some other things to consider are how much of a deductible are you willing to pay? Once you have establish those details you will look for an insurance company that fits your needs and values. Its important to visit all your options. A insurance agency will help you through the details of how much you really need and set you up with specific plans that cater to your families needs.
The most common types of insurance include auto, homeowner, and medical. Paying a little each month to protect us from suffering great financial burdens if and when something goes wrong is a small price to pay.



  1. the value of insurance can never be under minded. It protects us from the most serious issues in life.

  2. i can tell you that having insurance is extreamly important.
    i did not have insurance when i was younger and i am still paying for it.

  3. Insurance is very important. I did realized its importance when my car broke down last year, it was totally crashed. I am feeling very lucky as I did insured it and all the expenses are covered under my policy. Since then I suggest everyone around me to have an insurance policy.

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