Saturday, November 28, 2009

Private Health Insurance

By Adam Lindheim

It is estimated that close to 46 million Americans don’t have health insurance coverage, and with today’s economy that number is expected to increase. If your job doesn’t provide health coverage, or you’re jobless, private health insurance is the only option. Private health insurance is very expensive, and depending on your age and health will determine the type of coverage you are eligible for. Premiums typically range from $100-$1000 dollars, it is important to note the lower the premium the higher the deductibles, and smaller range of coverage that your plan is likely to cover. For those citizens who have recently lost their jobs, and have pre-existing health issues are more likely to run into a tougher situation.

If you are looking to secure private health insurance and you have heart disease, asthma, diabetes, cancer, or even AIDS the chances of getting health insurance dramatically drop. Those who have been let go by their company (with at least 20 employees) will be covered by CORBA. This means that you will be covered for up to 18 months following your departure from your company, which is especially good news for those who have pre-existing illnesses. Some states wont even allow discrimination when it comes to acquiring health insurance. A lot of American citizens such as Don Hall, a manufacturing supervisor from Ohio has seen a $500 dollar increase in his health insurance premiums per month. The American government is scrambling to find a solution to this growing problem that is hitting many homes in the U.S. Some citizens who belong to worker unions can apply for health insurance through a group health plan through their unions. It is important financial decision to pick an affordable but secure plan when evaluating private health insurance plans.

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