Monday, September 14, 2009

Auto Insurance

Post by David Held

Car Insurance Rates Are Dropping

According to a new survey by, 44% of shoppers believed they were overpaying for car insurance. In addition, 22% said that they were shopping because their rates had recently increased with the renewal bill from their current auto insurance company.

Are you getting a good deal? March RateWatch data shows that drivers who pay too much for car insurance now have a great chance to save. "Consumers who shopped for car insurance recently saw rates that were $100 lower on average than rates quoted last fall," said Sam Belden, Vice President at "Most policies renew every six months, so this decline in average quotes comes as good news for consumers whose policies were affected by rising prices in late 2008."

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  2. Thats good to hear. I am registered under an international because my MA state license is suspended so I get killed on car insurance.

    -Ahmed Al-Salem