Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Insurance Company Plays God

By Ka Lee Angel Lee
After reading articles about the relationship between health insurance and personal bankruptcy, that is 75% of the victims who went bankrupt for medical fees actually owned health insurance. While you are thinking health insurance is burden then, you should think twice. Because there is another study showing that one American dies every minute on average annually and most of them lack health insurance. It is also said that American adults age 64 and under who do not have health insurance endure a 40% higher risk of death than those who have coverage comparing to the 25% in 1993. The increased percentage was contributed by the growing absence of health insurance for many Americans and also places for the uninsured to get medical care are decreasing.
Health insurance is a must to buy because there is nothing more important than our lives. There are countless sugar-coated insurance plans in the market. We should be very careful which plan to choose and beware of the loopholes. We should consult more experts when choose the insurance and keep ourselves informed of the policy changes of the insurance company chosen in order to keep ourselves safe from losing coverage as well as life ultimately.


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  1. Good points. Unfortunately, insurance companies are the ones driving many doctors to an early retirement because of the issues they give them. Many physicians are also being forced to work late into their life, because of the fees and moneys insurance companies are seemingly 'stealing' from them.

    -Andrew Pia