Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Truth About Health Insurance

Posted By Ahmed Al-Salem

The Truth About Health Insurance
By the Wall Street Journal

The White House is priming the defibrillator paddles to revive ObamaCare, and its new strategy is to talk about "health-insurance reform," rather than "health-care reform." The point is to make its proposals seem less radical than they are, while portraying private insurers as villains for supposedly denying coverage to the sick.

Sounds like a good time to explain a few facts about the modern insurance market. Start with the reality that nine out of 10 people under 65 are covered by their employers, most of which cover all employees and charge everyone the same rate. President Obama's horror stories are about the individual insurance market, where some 15 million people buy coverage outside of the workplace.

Mr. Obama does have a point about insurance security. If you develop an expensive condition such as cancer or heart disease, and then get fired or divorced or your employer goes out of business—then individual insurance is going to be very expensive if it's available. But what the President and Democrats won't tell you is that these problems are the result mainly of government intervention.

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  1. This article brings up a great point in regards to what the Obama administration is doing about health care. I believe that this industry is getting to much attention from our President. He needs to focus on other industries such as Social Security, Auto Industry, and the Financial Industry. - David Held

  2. I believe President Obama is using a very remarkable strategy by portraying insurers as villains in order to provide for the less fortunate. I support his health insurance reform because even though most adults are covered by their employers, his reform accounts for any possibility of variable change such as cancer as mentioned. –Shawn Chandok