Monday, March 16, 2009

Aging Well: Good preparation gives older travelers peace of mind

posted by SooYeon(Pia), Shin

Most people think about travel insurance when they worry about having to cancel a trip.

However, travel insurance also is available for medical costs if a traveler becomes ill or injured or needs ambulance or air transport to a medical facility.

Most Americans who purchase travel insurance choose comprehensive policies that cover medical and medical evacuation expenses in addition to trip cancellation and lost or damaged baggage, according to the US Travel Insurance Association.

Travelers should investigate whether their health insurance will cover medical costs abroad and if so, what would be covered, such as hospitalization and emergency care. Medical evacuation, which can cost thousands of dollars, rarely is covered by most standard health insurance policies. Also, Medicare and Medicaid do not pay medical expenses outside the U.S.

Travel insurance prices generally are based on a person’s age, cost of trip and amount of coverage. Most policies range between 4 and 8 percent of the total trip price, according to the association.

Annual policies also are available for frequent travelers.

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