Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ban Young Drivers From Using Hands-Free Phones, Says Yes Insurance

Article by: Yes Insurance
Posted by: Madeleine Brooks

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Teenagers in the UK who use hands-free mobile phones whilst driving are taking risks that equal those of drink-driving, according to motor insurer yesinsurance.co.uk (www.yesinsurance.co.uk).

The insurer issued a statement today saying that the current law relating to driving and mobile phone usage should be amended to include a ban on using hands-free phones for drivers aged under 20.

"There is a growing body of research that indicates that drinking alcohol and using a hands-free mobile phone carry similar levels of risk," says Paul Purdy of yesinsurance.co.uk.

Research conducted at the Transport Research Laboratory has found that drivers talking on both hand-held and hands-free mobile phones have on average 30 per cent slower reaction times than those who have been drinking, and 50 per cent slower times than sober drivers.

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