Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Tips for Saving money on your Life Insurance

By YiLin Zhu on Mar. 27 2009

In the depressed economy, is it possible still save money on your life insurance? The answer is yes! You can still save money by getting the insurance you need at a lower cost. Following are some tips for the things you may want to do in order to save money on your life insurance.

1) Buy term life insurance: Term life insurance is much less expensive than the permanent life insurance. Because the whole life insurance charge higher premiums for lifelong benefits.

2) Comparison companies: The competitive insurance industry brings a lot of benefits to the consumers. So before you purchase your insurance, make sure you got several quotes from different companies and get the lowest rates.

3) Get healthier: The insurance rate is based on several factors, such as age, gender and health condition. So if your body is in good shape, it actually going to save you money on the premium.

4) Pay premium on annually base: It’s cheaper to pay your insurance premium every year instead of quarterly or monthly.

5) Select your insurance coverage carefully: If you calculated that you need a large amount of coverage, it’s quite possible to win a discount from the insurance companies by asking them to do so. So never feel hesitate to ask.


  1. Yes,we it is highly helping,if a low cost coverage of life insurance is took.due to the high competition in the insurance industry,it is benefiting a lot to the consumers.they are also providing many types of life insurance,which is according to the consumers needs.
    thanks a lot for providing tips for saving money through life insurance

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