Monday, March 23, 2009

Workers Feel the Brunt of Health Insurance Woes

Written by Robert Wood Johnson
Posted by Chaoran Hu

American workers — whose taxes pay for massive government health programs — are getting squeezed like no other group by private health insurance premiums that are rising much faster than their wages.

Yet workers continue to pay the bill for covering others. Their payroll taxes help support Medicare, which covers the elderly. Income taxes and other federal and state levies pay for covering the poor and the children of low-income working parents. But government provides little direct assistance to help cover workers themselves.

If anything, the situation for workers appears to be worse than is reflected in the report. It analyzed Census data through 2007, the latest year available. But that before the economy tumbled into recession.

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  1. the taxes paid by workers ultimately help elderly and poor people but during recession as wages cut down drastically such payouts seem really high.