Monday, March 2, 2009

Not an employee? Dealing with the health insurance conundrum

Posted by JieYing Peng

I was giving an interview on freelancing this week, when the reporter stopped me and said, "I have a tip for people who want to freelance: Make sure you marry someone with good health insurance."

People who aren't traditional full-time employees get this advice a lot. And not just freelancers, but part-timers, contractors, temps, and full-timers whose employers don't offer insurance benefits in the first place. And this "you'd better marry for medical coverage" line never fails to annoy us.

Single Shot columnist Diane Mapes wrote in the Seattle P-I this past week about the high rate of people who hasten their nuptials because one person needs the health insurance. As Mapes reports, of those couple who legally can marry, the need for health coverage accounted for 7 percent of knot-tying in 2007.

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