Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Auto Insurance: more important than we think

Posted by Lindsey Connell

There are over 150 types of insurance today and one kind that many people invest in is auto insurance. Because so many people have cars and may be involved in a car accident at sometime in their life, this is an important insurance to look into. Auto insurance is an agreement between the investor and the insurance company where the company will pay for financial losses in exchange for the regular premiums you pay. Many people who don’t have cars would never consider buying auto insurance but the reality is that if you ever needed to rent a car for something like getting from a plane to your vacation site, you would need auto insurance if you got in an accident. Also, auto insurance companies do not have to, but can include coverage for up to six different risks such as bodily injury and property damage. Auto insurance ads may be seen on tv all of the time because they appeal to most of the population, but unfortunately they can be slightly confusing at times. It is important however to look into the ads and the benefits of having auto insurance because at some point or another, almost everyone will be behind the wheel.

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