Thursday, October 8, 2009

Car Insurance could provide a roadmap for health insurance reform

By: Christina Dove

As the debate over healthcare reform continues, there have been a few proposals to make our health insurance similar to the policies of our car insurance. It is required for everyone to have car insurance in order to be able to drive. The equivalent for health insurance is that everyone would need to have health insurance in order to live. This causes a lot of controversy because people do not feel that the government has that kind of control over them and it violates our free liberty established in the constitution.

Although, there are still many facets of the health care reform that need to be finalized, we can adapt many of the same principles to health care that we already use for car insurance. For instance, the portability of car insurance is definitely an advantage in that it can be carried across states with different jobs, etc. In addition, the price that people pay for car insurance is directly related to their driving habits (accidents, tickets, etc) as well as their grades for their children. The equivalent could be for those who maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain in good health. This would provide an incentive for people to make better lifestyle choices, since the price they are paying for health insurance would be affected.

It will still be a significant amount of time before this issue is resolved, there are so many proposed solutions and ideas to improve our current system and to make it as affordable as possible for everyone. The Democrats and Republicans are going to have to work together and come up with a compromise on the best solution for America at this time and perhaps use car insurance as a base model.


  1. Car insurance rewards people for having a good clean record but the same cannot be onw for health insurance. Some people have many medical problems/complications that are not due to lack of a healthy lifestyle but are diseases and illnesses which can be extremely expensive. Therefore, if would be hard to distinguish between who disregards being healthy and who cannot physically be healthy due to sickness.
    -Lindsey Connell

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