Thursday, October 8, 2009

Health Insurance Reform Must Include Public Option

Posted by: Andrew Pia Written by: Sen. Sherrod Brown

A majority of Americans support a public option. An overwhelming majority of Democrats in Congress support a public option. Doctors support a public option. Why then is the public option seen by some as the third rail of health insurance reform?

We know the disturbing facts by heart: Millions of Americans are one illness -- or one pink slip -- away from bankruptcy because of high health care costs and lack of access to affordable insurance. 30 million Americans are without health insurance. Nearly 400 Ohioans lose their insurance every day.

Middle class families pay $1,000 annually in hidden taxes to recoup the cost of care for our nation's uninsured.

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  1. It is scary to know that 30 mill. Americans are without health insurance but it is even worse knowing that the government has done nothing to lower the cost of insurance so that more people can get it.

    -Lindsey Connell

  2. If there is no public obtion there is no reliable Health reform.The republicans make money by going along with the insurance companies and drug companies.That is the only reason they don't want public obtion.They will lose all that chesseeeee.if we a an obtion.Why we don't see this.