Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Denied Applications for Qualified Candidates for Health Care Coverage

Article by: Srividya Srinivasan

It is more and more common to hear of American’s struggling to pay health care insurance and the ridiculous fees associated with it. Insurance companies are getting more and more particular about what qualifies as a acceptable health care candidate.

In a news story by Mark Rubi in“Extreme Weight Loss Examiner”, an infant American boy was denied health care insurance just for being “obese”. At 2-months, this baby is in the 95th percentile for weight. However, the weight is in proportion to his 95th percentile height as well. Health insurers are not used to parents applying directly for coverage for their kids instead of parent's employers automatically paying for health insurance. Therefore, health insurance agencies are new to the situation of having separate health insurance plans for kids and their parents. Finding a loophole forced CareFirst to change their coverage plan to include child applicants, despite their weight.

Regardless of political support, many American’s do support Obama for the health care reform. According to John Hewko’s article in the Washington Post, he has experienced first-hand the “dysfunctional system” concerning America’s health care. An application that submitted by a completely healthy, 51-year old was not approved. "Apparently, being healthy and physically fit is not good enough for CareFirst”. The individual has a mild case of hypertension and stiff shoulders, which are easily cured by a small dosage of medicine and Advil. Though most people of that age group have these symptoms, this does not stop the insurance company from taking full advantage of this. These conditions were not means for higher premiums, but a complete denial.

For those employed Americans who are not affected by the health insurances because of employee benefits, they should remember that a job loss and a few mild symptoms leave them susceptible to the current health coverage problems that currently exist.

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