Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Car Insurance Help

Posted by: Allison Franklin

Car insurance is required by most every state as it is so important and can protect so many in the event of an accident. Today, there are so many companies and so many different plans that it is easy to get confused. It is important to know the basics, which is why I am going to discuss some common mistakes that people make when it comes to buying car insurance. First of all, many people believe that insuring the car is enough. However, this is not the case as all passengers need to be insured as well. If an insured driver and an uninsured passenger get in an accident, the driver will be insured and the passenger will not. It is important to list the people you usually drive with on your insurance policy. Secondly, it is important to watch the deductibles that go along with the insurance policy. Some insurance policies will have very low deductibles, but high premiums. Some policies will have high deductibles, and low premiums. Neither case is bad; it just depends on the individual’s financial situation and overall driving risk. If the person is a careful driver and is at a low risk for an accident, than the low premiums and high deductible might be their best option. It is also important to shop around and look at all of the different insurance carriers around. It is important that people are always looking around and not just at the times when their policy expires as policies are always changing and being updated. Seeing new policies can help people save money as they can find a new policy that is better suited for them.


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