Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yes! There IS Relief For Medical Debt!

By Kaitlin Lanier

The weight of medical bills can take a tremendous toll on the average individual. People that become swamped by these bills often do not realize that there is relief offered for them. With the increasing economic troubles, more and more people are feeling the wallet pinch that comes along with medical treatment. In fact, about 80% of bankruptcies in the United States are due to medical expenses. Medical insurance can obviously help, but even those with insurance are still forced to pay thousands of dollars. However, learning the ropes of bill reduction can help forgive medical debt.

The first step is simply read the bills. It is not unlikely that bills will have errors, so make sure to check for accuracy so there are no over or extra charges. Then, look into researching and learning about public aid programs, foundations, or hospital discounts. Many hospitals are willing to forgive a portion of the debt if they are contacted before things get out of hand. If there are still charges to be paid, talk to the hospital about payment plans. Hospitals can offer severe discounts if they are paid all at once or help set up a monthly payment plan that is convenient for the patient. After all of these options, if the bills are still too steep, discussing the problem with friends and family can help. Community support and fundraisers should not be overlooked.

Medical bills do not need to be as troublesome as they seem. There is relief out there that can help the average person. Each patient should be aware of all the options available before diving into more debt, or even worse, declaring bankruptcy.

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