Monday, February 16, 2009

Rental Car Insurance Tips

by Chaoran Hu

While spring break is drawing near, a lot of students are planning their trip for vocation. After purchased their airline tickets, planed the tourist attractions at the destinations, and gathered their maps, it is time to find a rental car. Have you ever considered about the rental car insurance when you are asked on the other end of the phone if you would like to purchase a collision-damage or personal liability insurance with that contract, you might be thinking what are they? Here are some tips of rental car insurance.

1. Knowing your own auto policy
Talk to insurance agency to examine your personal auto insurance policy to determine what type of car insurance you have, and whether it will cover your rental car. If you have an existing collision and comprehensive coverage, you probably do not need to purchase insurance for your rental car.

2. Credit Card Coverage
Check with your credit card agency to see whether they offer rental car coverage. If so, what are the details of this offer? Ask as many questions as you can to make sure all the details about the insurance package.

Finally, after gathering all the relevant information, compare the rental care insurance policy to your own auto vehicle policy and credit card coverage, and thus make an informed decision. Without doing researching and comparing these difference insurance policies, one would be most likely end up with either too much insurance or too little insurance coverage.


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