Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama's new plans for health care

Posted by SooYeon(Pia),Shin

According to liberal think tank Center for American Progress’ Action Fund, about 4million Americans have lost their health insurance since the recession began. Also, they predicted that an estimated 14,000 people might be losing their health coverage every day. Furthermore, the report also states that at least half of those who lost their health insurance since the recession began still are uninsured. An estimated 46 million Americans did not have health insurance before the recession started.

When President Barack Obama campaigned, he promised to expand government health programs and provide people funds to help them afford coverage. Also, Obama “…proposed creating a public plan to compete with private health insurers and taking steps, such as putting more health records in digital form, to help reduce costs (Marcus, Bloomberg).”

Last week, President Obama signed a stimulus package which the U.S. will spend $150 billion on health care. This movement is very important for health care reform in the U.S., since there are so many Americans who do not have health coverage due to poor income. Some says the plan could bring two further outcomes: bringing new jobs in the health care field and other areas and lowering costs of health insurance.

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