Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Protect Your Belongings


Posted by Stephen Mills; Group1a

Renters Insurance

As college students a large number of us either currently live in an off-campus apartment or will soon after graduation. In either case we must consider whether to get renters insurance or not. Many students on campus live in an apartment and opted not to get insurance. At this time it may be convenient not to insure your apartment, maybe you will be studying abroad in an upcoming semester or just flat out can’t afford it.

Renters insurance is convenient for someone who will be renting an apartment or condo because while the building itself is covered under the landlords insurance plan, your personal items are not as fortunate. This is where renters insurance (also known as tenant’s insurance policy) comes in handy. This type of insurance will provide you with piece of mind knowing that your personal items will be fully insured under a number of different circumstances including: fire, smoke, vandalism, theft along with a number of other common loss types. Some renters insurance policies even covers expenses brought on from legal issues in situations that involve you having to appear in court.

The nice part about this type of insurance is that its not expensive, relative to say car insurance or life insurance. Some policies start as low as $12/month and have reasonable deductibles. Along with low deductibles there are several factors that can help keep your monthly price low such as installing fire detectors, burglar alarms and even by having fire extinguishers readily available.

Overall renters insurance is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to protect your belongings incase of emergencies.


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