Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reducing Your Car Insurance Costs

By Lauren Cappelli

Car insurance costs can be pretty high; however there are ways to reduce your costs by cutting out unnecessary things. Within many insurance policies there are certain aspects tied into it that aren’t needed or that are covered by other policies you may have. One example is maximum personal injury protection (PIP). If you already have a good health insurance policy then your injuries will most likely be covered through that. If you want some protection the minimum will most likely be sufficient. Another example is roadside assistance. If you belong to a program such as AAA this is insurance is not necessary and shouldn’t be in your insurance policy. Mechanical breakdown insurance can be another thing that can reduce your insurance costs. If you drive a car that is still under warranty mechanical breakdown insurance is simply adding to your insurance costs and has no benefit to you. Once the warranty is up on the car then including this in your policy would be beneficial. Knowing and understanding your car insurance policy will help you determine what you really need and what things are unnecessary costs associated with your policy.


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