Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Health Insurance Concerns

By: Allison Franklin

With the economy going under the way it is, people are facing more trouble than just losing their jobs. Since people are losing their jobs, they are losing their health insurance coverage that goes along with it. Health insurance can be very expensive on its own, which is why some people are choosing to go without it. This can be dangerous as a health emergency can strike at any moment and these individuals will be unable to pay for the expensive medical care. Based on the 2007 Census, the number of people covered by health insurance in 2007 was 253.4 million. This number was relatively close to the 2006 number. However, the difference comes when the statistics for private vs. public health insurance are looked at. In 2006, the number of people covered by public government insurance was 80.3 million, this increased to 83.0 million in 2007. This increase proves that people are losing their health coverage and are forced to go on the government sponsored plans. The most well known example of a government sponsored insurance plan is Medicaid. These plans are less expensive than the public plans, but the coverage is not nearly as good. Also, to qualify for these plans people have to be considered in poverty. Where does this leave the average middle class family who is left without health insurance? It is a good option for people as it is better than nothing in the case of an emergency, but people should be able to be protected with quality health insurance.


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