Monday, February 16, 2009

Health care reform shaping up to be as divisive as stimulus package

Posted by JieYing Peng

Health care reform is still on the agenda this year in Congress, despite the departure of President Barack Obama’s point man on the issue.
Tom Daschle’s withdrawal as Obama’s health czar and nominee for secretary of Health and Human Services is a glitch, not a fatal blow, to the push for comprehensive health care reform, according to most observers.
The chairmen of the two Senate committees with jurisdiction over health care reaffirmed their plans to pursue reform this year.
“Incremental efforts will no longer suffice, and we cannot afford to wait any longer,” stated a letter to Obama last week from Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.)
Neil Trautwein, vice president and employee benefits policy counsel for the National Retail Federation, said health care reform still has a lot of momentum, even though it’s “going to take a while to percolate,” and probably won’t be considered until this summer at the earliest.

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